In Febuary 2017, Troop 73 learned about primitive cooking and later worked to earn the Wilderness Survival merit badge.   Starting fires without matches or lighters, cooking without utensils, making survival shelters were some of the challenges that the Scout overcame during the two weekends.  The webelos from Pack 73 joined the Scouts on the first day to learn about fire building and cooking without utensils.

opening coconut
Carl opens a coconut
Henohea from Pack 73 drinks from a coconut
Mr. Burl cuts into coconut for a quick snack
startign fire
Teaching the Webelos from Pack 73 how to make a log cabin fire

teaching websstartign fire




sibling pwr
Ana and Daniel use sibling power to open their coconut
waiting for water to boil
Daniel, Ana, and Dyson wait for the water to boil in order to purify it
David and Carl work on their shelter
ana shelter
Ana making quick work of her shelter
david shelter
David and Daniel in their shelter
taking a break
Taking a break
shelter 1
Carl, Ryan, and Dyson in their shelter
Nene time!